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About The Vine

"The Vine" is the monthly newspaper of Northampton Diocese. Edited by Communications Officer Fr. Paul Hardy who is Parish Priest at St Edwards, Milton Keynes, it is commercially published and distributed FREE via parishes. Over two hundred issues have been published.

In the Vine you will find all kinds of Diocesan news from our parishes, schools, charities and groups, as well as a round-up of Catholic news.

The other half of the "Vine team" is Margaret Busby from Bedford, frequently found around the Diocese as a roving photographer and reporter.

Articles, news and photos for the Vine need to be submitted to Margaret Busby ; if they are time-senstive, they will need to be received by the first Sunday of the month preceding the publication month. In other words, if you want something in the September issue, it has to be received by the first Sunday in August. There are exceptions to this, so always check if timing is crucial. A booklet giving guidance on how to submit items and photos is available on request.

E-mail for Fr.Paul: vine01@btopenworld.com

E-mail for Margaret: vine02@globalnet.co.uk

The Vine Online

The current issue is available to view online (or will be, a few days after its first appearance in parishes) by clicking here . This takes you to a web-page where you should be able to see the pages in a viewer frame called "Flash Paper". You should not need to instal any additional software to see this, and we have provided an explanation of the (very simple) viewing controls but if you have any difficulty with this, please contact the Webmaster. Recent issues are also available online,

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