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The Torch passes through NorthamptonOn Monday 2nd July the Torch was brought by vehicle to Northampton at about 10:20am to start its journey on the Weedon Road. It made a circuit of the town centre, greeted by damp but cheering crowds.  The Chronicle & Echo reports:


"Tens of thousands of people lined the streets of Northampton today as the town played host to the arrival of the Olympic Torch in the county. Huge crowds turned out to see the once-in-a-lifetime event as a succession of torch bearers in their distinctive white dress made their way across the town, from Weedon Road down through St James and up into the town centre, circling the Market Square before running up a packed and cheering Abington Street and then continuing its route out of Northampton via Bedford Road. Organisers said more than 40,000 people watched the Torch as it passed through the town."


It then went on to pass through Wellingborough from south to north, where it received a similar enhtusiastic reception, and then, via Isham, to Kettering, where it passed right in front of St Edward’s church about 1pm. Then via Geddington to Corby, where the local paper said:


"Thousands of people lined the streets of Corby to welcome the Olympic Torch Relay as it made its way through the town. Schoolchildren cheered and waved flags and the drizzle didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. It arrived in Corby High Street and made its way along Cottingham Road, Elizabeth Street, Alexandra Road, into George Street and finally Westcott Way" 


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 Enthusiastic onlookers in Kettering  The Torch goes through Corby





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