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Image of the Holy Spirit on the Stephen Foster triptych at Northampton Cathedral

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The Cathedral east frontOur diocesan Cathedral is home to a vibrant, committed and active Catholic community. 

1,000 people attend Mass on a weekly basis and there has been a steady increase in attendance since 2009. 

The Cathedral parish covers rural areas of Northamptonshire, urban and suburban areas. 

Census data indicates that the neighbourhood immediately to the north of the Cathedral is comparatively affluent, while the neighbourhood just to the south faces serious social and economic challenges.

Over the years the limitations which prevent our Cathedral from fulfilling its role as Mother Church of our Diocese and in serving the needs of the Diocese and local community have become more apparent. There is nowhere to host gatherings or offer hospitality to visitors and worshippers. 

Following large services, such as the Chrism Mass, confirmations and the ordination of Fr Brendan Seery in February, refreshments have to be served in the sacristy, with people spilling out into the nave. Community and church groups have to meet in the sacristy or the “Upper Room” which is small, inaccessible to those with limited mobility and restricted to groups of no more than fifteen. 

The beautiful gardens and grounds remain a hidden secret.

A vision for the parish, Diocese and community

Over the last three years a project group led by Bishop Peter Doyle has developed plans to meet these pressing needs through the construction of a new purpose-built Cathedral Centre.

Bishop Peter Doyle“The Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Diocese and a significant focus of prayer and service for the local parish, the parishes of the Diocese and for the wider community within Northampton. It must be a special and valued place where all are welcome and faith can grow. Our vision is to provide a place of worship, learning and hospitality for groups from around the Diocese, the parish and local community.”

Bishop Peter Doyle

For further information about the Cathedral Centre project, go to the Cathedral's website here. 

The Cathedral Campaign Administrator is Angela Madge who works at Bishop's House. 

Tel; 01604 712065   E-mail : cathedralcampaign@northamptondiocese.com

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Here you can watch a video presentation about the proposed Northampton Cathedral Centre.

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