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Image of the Holy Spirit on the Stephen Foster triptych at Northampton Cathedral

~ Adult Chaplaincy and Formation
Diocesan Pastoral Ministry Adviser - Avril Baigent Minimize
Avril Baigent at desk,. pink top, laptop on deskThis new role has been put in place to help parishes meet the challenges of the future. 

Initially focussing on chaplaincy in hospitals, prisons and universities, Avril will also be helping Pastoral Areas to develop pastoral strategies, will work to expand adult formation for the development of our communities and for the new forms of pastoral ministry. 

“Everywhere we look in parishes, we have people of skill and experience.  We have people from all walks of life with much to offer. Many people give freely of their time, but we will need many more if we are to find new ways of being Church.  

Volunteering in the church can be so life giving, whether it’s taking communion to someone in hospital, sharing the faith in prayer and Bible study, raising money for Cafod, or helping the homeless in a soup kitchen.  There are also lots of jobs behind the scenes in finance and admin, cleaning and maintaining our churches, or serving as governors of our schools.  There are many ways that we can be Jesus’ hands in our world today.” 

Currently Avril is developing a pilot scheme to expand hospital chaplaincy in one Pastoral Area, piloting a new volunteering programme in a parish, working on parish resources for Bishop Peter’s Year for Prayer and Vocation, and travelling around the diocese meeting clergy, lay ministers and Pastoral Area Councils to plan for future needs.  

She plans to meet with prison and university chaplains in the New Year. 

The role is paid for by the Together in Faith lay formation fund. 

To get in touch with Avril, email on avril@northamptondiocese.com or ring on 07823 788 310.

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