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Dates for parish visits Minimize

Below is a set of dates when Brin Dunsire, the Data Protection Manager*, is available* to come and visit your parish so as to assess your existing practices, discuss parish-specific issues and advise on points needing action. 

Existing booked visits have been included as it may be possible to take a second appointment on the same day, but ONLY IF the new venue is relatively close to the existing one. 

From experience, these meetings tend to last about 90 minutes on average ; it may be more if there are many questions to ask. 
Who should attend (if they can) ? - Parish priest, assistant priest, deacon(s), parish secretary or administrator, Gift Aid organiser, rota organiser(s), website manager.


*14th Novemberr update - Brin 's availabiility in September and |October was constrained  by him having had a stroke on 11th Sept, while on holiday, and though spared most ill effects, deo gratias, he was forbidden to drive until cleared by his doctor, which only happened in  mid- October. Fro m now he will be getting in touch  with unvisited parishes and those where appointments had to be cancelled.  Apologies for this inconvenience which was beyond our control. 

On the Wednesdays marked * below I will be reluctant to take afternoon appointments a long way from South Bucks as I have an early-evening commitment. 


Date   Start times Existing appointments 
19th November 10:30, 2:30  
20th November 10:30, 2:30
21st November 10:30, 2:30  
23rd November  10:30, 2:30  
26th November 10:30, 2:30  
27th November  10:30, 2:30  
28th November   10:30, 2:30*  
3rd December  10:30, 2:30  
4th December  10:30, 2:30  
5th December  10:30, 2:30*  
10th December  10:30, 2:30  
11th December  10:30, 2:30  
12th December  10:30, 2:30*  
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