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The next meeting of the Commission will be on Saturday 2nd June 2018 at 11am  at St John’s, Sundon Park, Luton, LU3 3AL  All welcome.  Minutes of the last meeting (10th February) are here

The 2018 annual Conference will be on on Saturday 13th October 2018 with the venue being St John’s, Sundon Park and times 10.30am – 1pm followed by a shared lunch; the theme will be  "Modern Day Slavery and Trafficking ". Poster here.  

" There's a tendency to think of slavery as something that happens abroad.  However In Britain, 2,118 children suspected to have been trafficked — mostly trapped in sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, or forced labour — were referred to the government last year, up 66% on 2016 and marking the highest annual number on record. While about a third were British, many used as drug runners, hundreds were trafficked from countries such as Vietnam, Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Iraq, according to government figures. Britain is considered an international leader in the fight against slavery having passed the 2015 Modern Slavery Act to jail traffickers for life, better protect vulnerable people, and compel large businesses to address the threat of forced labour.On 11th September the BBC news site had this headline "Three arrests after modern slavery raid in Iver, Buckinghamshire" detailing how Police had found eight people, believed to be victims of modern slavery, in a raid on a residential property in Love Lane, Iver, Buckinghamshire - see www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-45490454.The Conference on 13th October is an opportunity to learn more about a problem that exists on our doorsteps"

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Supporters’ Days

Diocesan co-ordinator Deborah Purfield writes; In November 2017 I was on pilgrimage in El Salvador and prayed for all our volunteers and supporters. I was moved to tears by what I saw and experienced and was so inspired by the people we met which included our partners and the Connect 2 community. Hope and community now have a different meaning for me! I would love to share my experiences with you at our supporters’ days. Keep an eye on this page for future dates. 

Click here for the latest CAFOD bulletin with all dates and contact details

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Barbara Kentish

18th June 2016. The Justice & Peace commission held a Diocesan Conference on the Laudato Si' encyclical at St John's, Sundon Park, Luton. 

This report by Stephen Forster, to whom many thanks. Photos from Deborah Purfield. 

Over 34 representatives from parishes in the Northampton diocese met at St John’s (Luton) for this year’s Diocesan Justice and Peace Conference.  The theme was Laudato Si' and the keynote speaker was Barbara Kentish, fieldworker for the Westminster archdiocese J&P commission. 

Barbara’s emphasis was on the importance that Pope Francis gives to the link between the sensible guardianship of the Earth’s resources and the need to protect the poorest members of society from exploitation.  The encyclical was a rallying cry against the worst aspects of consumerism.  Thus, it is not just about climate change.  Throughout the encyclical Pope Francis emphasised that climate change was but one feature of global problems which all impact on each other.  In language not often heard coming from papal pronouncements, the encyclical says that “the earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth.” 

During the day the talking was interspersed with a “Cosmic Walk”.  In this, a cord was laid out with markers showing significant dates in the development of our planet.  It brought home just how long the planet took to develop, compared with just how short a time has elapsed in which man has had stewardship of it, and how in such a short time we have abused the earth.The day ended with discussion groups which focussed on what could be done in parishes in support of the Laudato Si' message.  Apart from the central programme, those attending were, during the refreshment breaks and discussion groups,  able to benefit from sharing their experiences.  As is so often the case this last was as useful and interesting as the central theme of the day.


 Priest and two ladies in front of Laudato Si banner  Lady with Bishop Peter holding sun symbol , CAFOD banner  Priest with CAFOD organiser and delegate holding symbol and report  Delegates walking past table display thoughtfully

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People gathered in living-room with rainbow flagA Northampton Diocese Pax Christi group was launched at a meeting of local members and supporters on 31 October 2015.

Pax Christi – the international Catholic movement for peace – is a grassroots peace organisation working nonviolently for peace and reconciliation in over 100 countries worldwide. The work of Pax Christi UK focuses particularly on campaigning against the arms trade, against nuclear weapons, and for a just peace in Israel and Palestine.

As members met in Northampton to discern what a local expression of Pax Christi’s work would consist of, they spoke of the issues that prohibit peace in their local areas and how they might be engaged with. 

Members explored many ideas and issues including how Pax Christi’s Peace Sunday (17 January in 2016) may be better promote and celebrated in our parishes, how the companies working in the arms trade within our diocese might be challenged, and how we can work locally in support of the campaign to scrap the UK’s nuclear weapons.

To get involved in the work of Pax Christi in the Northampton Diocese please email mattjeziorski@gmail.com 

The 2014 Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission Conference took place on Saturday 4 October 2014 at Holy Family Church, Langley.  

The report below by Deborah Purfield of CAFOD was published in the January 2015 Vine. 

Holy Family, Langley was the venue of this year’s Diocesan Justice and Peace Conference- Living the Gospel in today’s World. Over 40 people attended from around the Diocese including Bishop Peter, priests and deacons.  There were stalls with information on CAFOD, Pax Christi and the Medaille Trust and a large selection of Fairtrade products for sale.

The day opened with Mass celebrated in the church and then after welcoming refreshments,there was a wonderful liturgy prepared by Maureen Borbonne from the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission. The format this year was different to other years in that there were two invited speakers, rather than one speaker and workshops. 

David McLoughlin (Theologian, Newman College Birmingham) gave a talk on Justice in the Gospels which was very well received. He gave new insights into the scripture especially Deuteronomy and Leviticus and linked this with Jesus’ interpretation of the law. David’s talk was really very helpful, illuminating and inspiring.The discussion which followed linked Jesus’ words and actions that David had referred to in his talk to our communities and way of life for all of us in the 21st Century. 

The afternoon session was given by Canon James Cronin (National Director APF) who talked about the work of Missio and about the difficult situation for some Christians around the world. There was time for discussion over tea thereafter. 

It was a great opportunity for the Justice and Peace Commission (via CAFOD) to give an update of the Fairtrade status in the Diocese and what steps were needed at both parish and diocesan levels to make the Northampton Diocese a Fairtrade Diocese. The day ended with a short prayer.

If you would like to join the Commission or have any ideas for future events please contact Father Tony Brennan on 01582 502400.. .  

Contact Nicky Wiseman for information. 

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For the National Justice & Peace Network Calendar – see website here and check out the Rolling Diary for monthly events

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