A Daventry parishioner, David Williams MBE is undertaking a gruelling charity cycle ride commencing on 1st October 2022.

David will be riding part of the ‘French’ route of the Camino de Santiago from Leon to Santiago, approximately 194 miles and a total climb of approximately 14,400 feet

He is doing this pilgrimage to raise money for the Caritas Northampton Ukraine Diocesan appeal, and the CAFOD DEC Pakistan Floods appeal.

It is also a personal pilgrimage in support of his brother who has cancer. David is 83 and has cancer himself. Once the ride starts he will be doing a daily blog with images and updates on progress.

Please include David in your prayers as he undertakes this gruelling exercise.


We finished. Shattered but happy !!

David’s Blog


  1. dioceseadmin

    Well done David, hope all goes well. Keep us updated on your progress!! – From all at Caritas Northampton

  2. David Williams

    Final charity ride completed last Sunday 50 miles for Cynthia Spencer.
    Should arrive in Leon on the Friday.
    The weather forecast at the moment seems good

  3. dioceseadmin

    “ The cathedral in Leon is the start of the ride and
    The band was there too see us off!
    We will go to the 1800 mils in the cathedral tonight so we can set off early tomorrow morning.
    Thank you everybody for your prayers and donations for these two fantastic courses.
    So far, an amazing almost £1400 has been donated.
    The oyster, on the top of the door in the cathedral is the sign we will be following to Santiago.
    Buen Camino

  4. David Williams

    Buen Camino
    Which every pilgrim says when they pass each other.
    The humbling thing about our bike ride is that there are literally hundreds of people walking in some areas many miles to the to the nearest village.
    Ones twos or small groups and one family with three young children. We speak with many coffee breaks nobody Says why they’re doing it but literally hundreds walking along the dusty trails into the mountains, very inspiring.
    Today we rode for probably 35 miles (we got lost). The weather was great, but the mountain was even greater. At the beginning of the day, we had a gentle 2-mile ride before we came to 18 mile climb up to just over 5000 feet.
    However, what goes up must come down.
    Thank you all for donating.

  5. David Williams

    Buen Camino
    Firstly could I thank all those who continue to donate. Thank you
    Are now on day four of the six days. we really did not realise how hard it would be but it is worth it only for the money raised but our own spiritual moments.
    We cannot get over how people of diverse nationalities religions, no religions and ages get on so well together.
    The scenery on day one once we had escaped the tentacles of Leon We had a short climb onto the plateau and continued through deserted villagers and deserted landscapes for about 20 miles.
    This set us up for the second day with its spectacular landscape but unfortunately with its spectacular 18 mile climb as well no true beautiful occupied stone villages.
    Day three . Again too beautiful landscape but we would tricked by the 20 to my flat ride and then we hit the 10 mile very steep climb (did expected it).
    Again the scenery was beautiful when we could get our nose of a front wheel.
    We staggered into the very pretty village of O Cebreieo , meaning consecrated. Apparently Saint James stopped here while he’s walking the Camino and parish priest was the one that arranged for the Camino to be reinstated and marked.

    Day four. It was the longest day, 44 miles, and look easy on the map but it was an absolute killer climbing and descending. 3000 feet up 6000 feet
    We meet some remarkable people at our stops. Stops are a total of
    264-year-old German pilgrims who have written all the way from central Germany.A Swedish girl who has walked from Sweden.A French professor who is riding from St Pierre in France on the French Comino continuing to Portugal, 2000 KM
    I am hoping some images will be printed. 2 days to go.
    You have ever contemplate doing the Camino do it
    Thank you for reading

  6. David Williams

    Final Blog .Buen Comino.
    We have finished shattered but happy.
    Reflections. What a joy in this day and age to constantly see so many happy contented people from all nationalities walking and riding in harmony.A total joy.
    Days on end to think , contemplate and enjoy the silence .
    Advice . If you are inclined to do the Camino Frances try and start a few days before the start of the Camino Ingles or even in France it’s only 750 KM!!
    . That way true tranquility can be achieved.
    Thank You all for your prayers which sustained us and the amazingly weather.
    Thank you for your donations about £1500 so far plus gift aid.
    A massive thank you to Deacon Jim. For all his IT support and producing the flyers.
    Finally thanks be to God for bringing us through unscathed on the many difficult rocky hills and trails.

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