In May 2008, Jimmy Mizen, a 16 year old boy from South London, walked into a local bakery with his older brother. After a few minutes somebody else entered the bakery. Jake was known to the brothers as he had been cautioned by the police years earlier for harassing the older brother and on this occasion brushed past the brothers which resulted in a scuffle. During the scuffle, Jake hurled a glass dish at Jimmy and the result was fatal.

Immediately following the incident in the bakery, Jimmy’s parents, Margaret and Barry spoke to the media with a message of peace and compassion and not revenge. Jake is now serving a life sentence for the murder of Jimmy Mizen and Margaret and Barry have travelled the country sharing their message of forgiveness and compassion.

Margaret says,

“For me forgiveness is about not wanting revenge and not being angry”

This message of love has been shared with thousands of young people and adults over the last 15 years. They began the ‘Mizen foundation’ to help young people across the UK become those changemakers for peace we know they can be and, in the process, go on to help to make our streets and our communities so much safer for everyone.

On Saturday 2nd March, Margaret and Barry Mizen will visit the St Thomas Centre at Northampton Cathedral to share their incredible story.