Advent Scripture Cards

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Scripture Cards for Advent

Follow God’s promises from creation to the birth of Jesus – a wonderful introduction to the Bible.

A card for each day with a reflection on the front and a longer passage on the back.
Takes you through the Bible from Genesis to the Gospels.
Suitable for families, schools or personal use.
Would also make great material for First Communion or Confirmation parents, or for RCIA groups.

£7 per pack including postage and packing.

Discount for packs of 10.


To print the cards off yourself, or to read them on your device, feel free to download a pdf.

Actual sizeClick here

A4 for display eg schoolsClick here

Some suggestions for using the Advent cards

The cards can be:

  • viewed on screen
  • printed
  • cut up as playing card size for individual use
  • enlarged and pinned on a board

They could be used:

  • as a daily assembly focus
  • as a pause for quiet reflection during a busy day in the classroom
  • at the end of the day as a thought to take home for the evening
  • as a means of helping pupils to find their way around the Bible
  • as a time line about the history of God’s plan for us, God’s people, from creation to the birth of Christ
  • as an opportunity to look in more depth at the role of some of the key characters in the Bible
  • to help in the understanding of Advent as the time of waiting for the birth of the expected Messiah
  • for recording the short Bible text in work books, letting them show God’s plan unfolding through different people over time
  • for pupils to suggest a small image to illustrate each card or text

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