On Monday 13th May in St Michael’s Catholic School in Aylesbury, Bishop David presided at an International Mass celebrating the richness of cultural diversity across the town.

The Mass, which formed part of the pastoral visitations to the area, was organised in a partnership between the area dean, Canon John Beirne and our diocesan CAFOD representative, Debbie Purfield.

The liturgy was celebrated in different languages represented by parishioners form the parishes from the Aylesbury pastoral area. Many parishioners attended in their national dress and offered national gifts of thanksgiving at the offertory.

Bishop David said during the homily,

“I only have one request at this international Mass. To those of you who have come to live here from other parts of the world, please will you show us how you live your faith, the riches of your faith tradition. This is what we need to bring to our parishes”.

 After Mass, parishioners shared food from all the different parts of the world gathered and were entertained by singing and music from those present.

Bishop David said at the end of the evening

“I hope these joy-filled, life giving evenings will be replicated in other pastoral areas and continue regularly in Aylesbury”.

Pictures from the evening can be viewed here https://www.flickr.com/photos/dioceseofnorthampton/albums/72177720316944035/