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Diocesan Assembly

15th July, Thornton College
An opportunity to bring together people from across the diocese from a variety of contexts to reflect together on where the Holy Spirit is leading us.

    • Parishes, schools and other Catholic organisations will be asked to choose delegates to represent the breadth of their communities. Delegates will be formed in spiritual conversation and discernment in three sessions after Easter.  The formation will take place in Pastoral Areas to create community and network like-minded local people.
    • The programme for the day will include workshops on the key themes of the Synod listening, and reflecting together about the future of our diocese.
    • There will be a youth assembly onsite and informing the adult assembly, facilitated by the Education and Youth Services.
    • A Diocesan Pastoral Council will develop to take on the agenda from the Diocesan Assembly

Part of the preparation for the Assembly includes training in the habits and practices of synodality:

    • Being open to the Holy Spirit
    • Stepping away from our own agenda
    • Focusing on the long term, and moving forward
    • Discerning the divine

The Diocesan Assembly is at very early stages of planning.  Please check back in coming months for more information.