Bishop David Oakley has called on clergy and laity to work and lead the mission of our Church with co-responsibilty. Speaking to chaplains and RE leads in our Catholic schools, Bishop David urged them to be leaders in their communities and to walk alongside students and staff.

“Collaborative ministry isn’t working” he told them clarifying that it implies one person is leading and the other supporting. “Co-responsibilty makes it clear that we are all responsible for the mission of the Church, which is to evangelise”. Co-responsibilty goes beyond teamwork therefore, and enables each person to live out their unique vocation by virtue of there baptism.

In 2009, Pope (emeritus) Benedict asked the diocese of Rome,

“To what extent is the pastoral co-responsibilty of all, and particularly the laity, recognised and encouraged?”

Confirming the role of the laity in the mission of the Church, Bishop David proclaimed

“You are all disciples of Jesus Christ! You are called to be missionary. Being a disciple means making disciples. A disciple lives in this moment and is a leader”.

Bishop David has called for our parishes to explore Divine Renovation as a tool for evangelisation and living co-responsibly; bishop, clergy and laity.