On Tuesday 8th September, Bishop David celebrated Mass for all those priests across our diocese celebrating a significant anniversary of ordination.

He was joined by a number of clergy who were celebrating an anniversary. Bishop David took the opportunity to speak directly to his priests at the homily. He encouraged them to gain their identity from who they are, their being rather their doing as a priest, “There is simply too much to do” he warned them.

Quoted the recent teaching document from the Congregation for the Clergy, ‘The Pastoral Conversion of the Parish community in the service of the evangelising mission of the Church’, he said “ A significant change in mentality and an interior renewal’, “These words are not only for the strategists, these are prophetic words for each of us, especially as we celebrate a jubilee in our priesthood. My prayer today, is that we may rediscover what being a priest involves, the supporting sense which must underpin what we do”.

At the end of Mass Bishop David congratulated all our jubilarians and thanked them for their service. Bishop David is himself celebrating 40 years of priesthood this year and in our diocese of Northampton he is joined by: 

Frs Pat Bailey and Ken Payne celebrating 60 years of priesthood, celebrating 50 years are Canons Bennie Noonan , John Koenig, Fr Anthony Hogarth and Fr Michael Turner and 40 years Frs Chris Whitehouse, Leszek W , Canon Seamus Keenan, Mgr Sean Healy, 30 years are Mgr K McGinnell , Canon Mark Floody, Fr Bernard Barrett , Canon Michael Harrison, Eustace Durugbo MSFS and finally, 25 years Frs John McCardle, Jonathan Hill , Jude Iroh MSP.

We pray for all our priests and thank them for all they do in service for God and His church.