In July Bishop David made a promise to support CAFOD’s initiative ‘A Summer of Hope’. 

Recognising the fear and anxiety that the recent pandemic has caused in this country, Bishop David asks us to focus on those in other parts of the world. 

“It is not possible for many people around the world to social distance from each other or wash their hands regularly because there is no clean water”. 

As part of his support for this initiative, Bishop David promised to go without his favourite flat white coffee and donate the money he saves to ‘A Summer of Hope’. Last week Bishop David was able to hand a cheque over to CAFOD for £100.

“I made a promise on that occasion to give the money that I would have spent on flat white coffees during the coronavirus lockdown to CAFOD to help those who are facing chronic food shortages, malnutrition and poverty as the result of coronavirus. It was touch and go, and the promise seemed a little reckless as the weeks wore on, but I managed to survive without my favourite coffee for a few months and I’m happy to hand over my cheque”.