Bishop David Teaches

Reflections and catechesis from Bishop David Oakley

Bishop David Teaches and Reflects on God’s Great love for us all

Christmas Message 

Bishop David speaks to us from Bishop’s House in Northampton, standing next to the statue of Our Lady. She is such a powerful figure when we think about the mysteries we celebrate at Christmas and of course especially in the year we have just begun dedicated to Saint Joseph.
We think about him too, that silent giant of faith who stands there with Mary and the infant Christ helping us to understand the meaning of discipleship.

“I know these are very difficult times and everything seems to be changing on almost a daily basis, but may the blessing of Christmas come down upon you and your families. Amen”

the Year of St Joseph

The three great advent figures are of course the prophet Isaiah, John the Baptist and Our Lady. In this reflection Bishop David shares some thoughts about another figure who, with characteristic humility, is behind the scenes of the unfolding events of salvation. This is Saint Joseph, the husband of Mary the Blessed Virgin, and the one who we often turn to for prayer. 

150 years ago Blessed Pope Pius IX established Saint Joseph as the patron of the Catholic Church and to celebrate the anniversary of that moment Pope Francis has called for a special year dedicated to Saint Joseph beginning on the 8th of December 2020. 

Advent Meditation

Advent is Bishop David’s favourite season in the Church’s year. However, often Advent is overlooked as we focus on the main event of Christmas. This year feels a little different, probably due to the lockdowns and coronavirus. Advent and waiting has become more significant for many of us.

Join Bishop David as he unpacks, some of the key themes for advent in this short meditation. 

Why are we here?

As we start this second period of lockdown in this month of the faithful departed, we are reminded of our human frailty. Bishop David reminds us that God has lovingly made us as human beings in his image and likeness, to share in his creative work of stewardship of the world. 

We are welcomed into an intimate friendship with God, and a grace filled relationship with him. Our conscience calls us to experience a yearning and longing for God, so that we can be strengthened and guided by Him throughout our lives.  

What on earth has gone wrong?

In his second reflection for the month of the faithful departed, Bishop Davis asks ‘What on earth has gone wrong?’

We live in a world of many challenges and difficulties yet what we hold dear, and even take for granted is not going to give us life. We long and yearn to be with God because our spirit was created to hear God and to seek an intimate relationship with God, who sent his beloved son Jesus to heal our relationship with him.


What Has God Done About the Mess?

God loves us. Would a God of love leave us stranded in a place of darkness and sin? Of course not, then can’t he simply wave a magic wand and make everything ok? Of course, he could, but He loves us so much he became one of us, to heal us from within.

Following last week’s catechesis, ‘What On Earth Has Gone Wrong?’ This week Bishop David asks ‘What Has God Done About The mess?’ Listen as we discover the beauty of God’s love for us.

Where are we heading?

During these four weeks of November we have been considering some questions to help us in our prayer for the faithful departed during this time of remembrance of the Holy Souls. 

In this reflection we are thinking about the final question; ‘Where are we heading.’ In many ways this is the question which helps us most to understand why we pray for the faithful departed, because we are taking seriously the sense that life is not random and aimless that there is a purpose for our living.

“..I have been asking Our Lady and St Joseph to pray for me, and to intercede for us all in the Diocese of Northampton.

Let us keep each other in prayer over the next few weeks, and let us pray that as this new chapter in the Diocese of Northampton opens, that all of us together will be able to continue that great mission we have been entrusted with of building God’s kingdom in this part of his vineyard”

Bishop Elect David – January 8th 2020