Bishop David’s Pastoral Letter for Advent

Call To Mission This Advent

Bishop David written his pastoral letter for Advent focussing on the theme of mission. He has said he hopes releasing his pastoral letter on this theme will prompt us all to be preoccupied with mission in the coming months and years.

 Throughout his ministry in our diocese, most of which has been in lockdown, Bishop David never misses an opportunity to remind us through his words and actions of our individual and collective responsibility to the mission of Christ.

Referring to the Gospel this weekend, Bishop David called for us to stay awake like “excited children waiting for Christmas to come”. Reassuring us not to be overwhelmed or threatened by the second coming of Christ, he tells us to long for it with “persevering hope”.

Bishop David’s constant call to all of us in the diocese of Northampton is to be creative and imaginative in our missionary journeys. He has seen this on his visit to many parishes for visitations and confirmations and reassuring us that the Lord sees our good works.

You can download Bishop David’s Pastoral Letter here.