Bishop David has announced the creation of three vicariates as a framework for curial services to support the mission of our Diocese as per canon 476. The vicariates are named as priest, prophet and servant king. The Church exists to continue this divine work in our world today and the bishop exercises these threefold offices of Christ. Each curial department, agency and activity, works on behalf of the Bishop and will form a part of one of those three groupings.

Clearly expressing his vision Bishop David said,

“This means every Curial agency and department needs to understand itself as working in collaboration with me, and carrying out it’s work in such a way that it is clearly observed that we are mission-conscious in everything we do… What is being introduced is a canonical mechanism which supports myself and the Vicar General to keep our focus on the need to build a more mission-conscious diocesan vision”.

The vicariates will take shape from September and it is hoped they will clearly represent our focus and identity as Christ’s Church across our Diocese of Northampton. This is part of our diocese focus on reaching out, together as the body of Christ.

Bishop David concluded,

“The way forward is to go back to the source, to do what we are called to do, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and strive to build the Kingdom of God in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the bit of Berkshire which is Slough”