The Office of Bishop David Oakley

Bishops Diary Bishop's Council

The bishop’s office support and promote the work and mission of Bishop David Oakley locally and nationally.

As a bishop, he is a successor to the Apostles and thus able to participate in the exercise of the Magisterium, the teaching authority of the Church.  Bishop David heads our diocese as part of his threefold office of teaching, sanctifying, and governing (further expressed through the three vicariates; Priest, Prophet and Servant King)

The bishop’s office is made up of a private secretary (a priest), a secretary and the director of communications.

Making An Appointment

Please contact the bishop’s secretary to make an appointment or to extend an invitation with or to  the Bishop. Bishop David recieves many requests and whilst he does his best to accomodate appointments, this may not always be possible. Please allow as much notice as possible, especially if a date is inflexible.

General Enquiries

For all enquiries and correspondence with Bishop David’s office please contact the bishop’s secretary by email or phone.

Media Enquiries

If you are wishing to contact Bishop David regarding a media enquiry, video recording or other communication requirement, please contact our director of communications at Once again, Bishop David recieves many requests for recordings and speaking engagements, therefore as much notice as possible is appreciated.

The Bishop’s Council

Bishop David has appointed a Vicar General who shares his authority, particularly the power to perform administrative acts and other duties. Alongside the Vicar General, Bishop David has appointed three Episcopal Vicars with specific designated powers in the areas of Priest (clergy), Prophet (mission) and Servant King (governance). The three Episcopal Vicars and the Vicar General make up the Bishop’s Council. 



Bishop’s House, Marriott Street, Northampton NN2 6AW

Telephone: 01604 715635


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To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build the Kingdom of God in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Slough.