Catechesis in the Diocese of Northampton

Catechists are supported by Mission Northampton, a Diocesan agency dedicated to mission. Mission Northampton seeks to develop catechists with a missionary mentality, who can help those they encounter become missionary disciples.


Catechesis is an essential part of the broader process of renewal that the Church is called to bring about in order to be faithful to the command of Jesus Christ to proclaim always and everywhere his Gospel.

 Catechesis participates according to its own nature in the effort of evangelisation.”

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While every parish organises their own programmes for sacramental initiation and other formation, Mission Northampton provides Diocesan training and networking opportunities for catechists in order to support parishes.

Here is some essential information about what is on offer for catechists which is available for viewing and downloading:

Our Mission as Catechists

A Diocesan booklet providing an overview of some central themes and how we can approach catechesis as missionary disciples.

Catechist Brochure

A Diocesan brochure which outlines support for catechists and the various training opportunities (both in person and virtual) that are provided for catechists.

A Reflection & Evaluation resource for Parish Catechesis

A simple pro-forma resource and guidance sheet to help parishes reflect on and evaluate their catechesis.

 Kerygmatic Videos for use in Catechesis

A series of short teaching and testimony videos that catechists can use to help them share the Gospel message.

 Communicating with Catechists

Mission Northampton are here to help support and resource catechists across the Diocese. The following services and resources are available to assist with our communication with catechists:

 Catechist Newsletter

A monthly e newsletter which features good practice, resources, ideas and news of future events and opportunities for catechists. To receive a sample copy or to subscribe to our Catechist Mailing List in order to receive the newsletter and other catechist notices please send your request to You can choose to unsubscribe at any time.

 General Enquiries

Please contact Alex Heath, Adviser for Catechesis and Adult Formation, at the Mission Northampton Office with any particular queries or if we can help you in any way with your mission as a catechist in the Diocese of Northampton. We look forward to hearing from you.

Who We Are

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Alex Heath – Adviser for Adult Faith Formation, Catechetics and Chaplaincy

Maria Heath – Director of Mission Northampton