The Catholic Diocese of Northampton has joined with voices across the Church in voicing concerns with the new illegal migration bill which will now become law.

Deacon Jim Hannigan, Director of Caritas Northampton said

“Our Catholic Social Teaching reminds us of the innate dignity of all human beings. We are all called to show the greatest respect and kindness to anyone who is suffering in any way. This certainly includes all migrants and refugees. I would encourage you to write to your MP to ensure they know your views and raise these in parliament”.

Earlier, Bishop Terence Drainey, chair of Caritas Social Action Network, spoke out against the bill commenting,

“We at Caritas Social Action Network are deeply concerned that the Illegal Migration Bill will now become law after a series of votes in the House of Lords did not succeed in securing modern slavery protections or limits to the detention of children”.

Earlier this year the Department for International Affairs issued a document in response to migrants and refugees called Love The Stranger.  The document offers 24 guiding principles and has been endorsed by the Holy See, COMECE, CAFOD, CSAN and Caritas Social Action Network members.

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Source: CBCEW