The St. Thomas Centre

at Northampton Cathedral


In 2012, the then Bishop of Northampton, Peter Doyle expressed a vision for a building for hospitality, learning and service based on the grounds at our Cathedral in Northampton.

A campaign was initiated to raise the funds to build such a place and in Autumn 2020 the St Thomas Centre was handed over to the diocese, enabling a fresh approach to our mission both at the cathedral parish and across our diocese. The centre took 3 years to build and cost over £3 million. Canon Mark Floody commented “We have been blessed by the generosity of our donors; it would not have been possible without all of them!”.

Although current circumstances mean we are restricted in our use of the centre, our mission is very much underway, as a team of volunteers serve the local community through a foodbank. It is hoped that deeper into 2021 we will be able to offer hospitality to a wider range of people from across our communities inside and outside our diocese.

To enable this mission to grow, we need your prayers, time and ongoing financial support. The building provides a great deal of opportunity for reaching out to those in most need and those on the periphery of society. With your support, that opportunity can become a reality, helping to transform the lives of many people in our community.

If you are able to offer time to any of the projects that operate from the St Thomas Centre now or in the future, please contact the parish office on the details below. If you are able to donate either a one-off gift or a regular amount please see how you can do so below or contact the campaign manager, Angela Madge directly by calling 01604 714840. Above all please pray for the mission of our Church through the St Thomas Centre in the knowledge  that you are joining a strong community of people praying with you.

Would you like to support the ongoing mission and future of our centre?


Lump sum gift

For those able to make a one off lump sum payment, please contact the Campaign Office for a Single Gift form which includes a Gift Aid declaration if applicable.

Four year pledge

Support can be given via a pledge over four years (made via a Pledge form). This is the most effective way to lend support to the Campaign because it enables individuals to give by way of a relatively modest monthly contribution. Please contact the Campaign Office for a Pledge form which includes a Gift Aid declaration if applicable.

Donations by Trusts and Foundations

For Trust and Foundations a specific and comprehensive application pack will be provided where the criteria for funding is met by the proposed Cathedral Centre. Further information is available from the Campaign Office.

Donations by companies

Companies can reclaim Corporation Tax relief on all donations to charities, including pledged donations. Companies wishing to make gifts via a Company Pledge should contact the Campaign Office for a Company Pledge form.

Address and contribution details

Cheques should be made payable to: Northampton Cathedral Development Campaign and sent to: Northampton Cathedral Development Campaign, c/o Bishop’s House, Marriott Street, Northampton NN2 6AW

The Bishop of Northampton, David Oakley, has asked people to pray for the mission and ministries that grow from the centre and hopes that the new centre will give the catholic community in Northampton a space to develop services which will positively impact the lives of those around us.

For further information on the centre please contact Northampton Cathedral by phone 01604 714556 or email