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The diocesan communications department forms part of the Bishop’s Office and the Prophet Vicariate and is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus through all available platforms. The team are responsible for communicating, internally and externally, whatever is happening in all areas across our diocese. This includes news and information from Bishops House, our Cathedral and all our diocesan agencies. Sign up to receive the Diocesan e-news at the bottom of the page and be one of the first to receive, straight to your inbox, the latest monthly diocesan update.

Remember you can also receive instant updates on our social media channels; FacebookInstagram, Twitter ,YouTube and Flickr.

Understanding Copyright

Within a parish, material is used for the purpose of liturgy or mission every day. Copyright law makes it necessary for us to have the correct permission to use the material in the way it is being used. If you use a hymn for Mass you need permission, if you are live streaming that Mass, or if you use a picture on your website, you need permission. Gaining permission is often straightforward and you are invited to contact , for more information on compliance, licences and permissions.

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