consultative bodies

Supporting the Bishop and the work of the diocese
Priest Vicariate


erected 24th June 1852

The Cathedral Chapter forms part of the Priest Vicariate

The story of the first Canons can be read here 

Provost: Rev Canon Seán Healy

Canons: Revv Kevin O’Driscoll (Canon Theologian); John Udris (Canon Penitentiary); Bennie Noonan (Secretary); Seamus Keenan; Mark Floody (Canon Precentor); Michael Harrison; Brendan Killeen; John Beirne; Tony Brennan; Francis Higgins; John McArdle (Honorary) and Joe Walsh (Honorary);John Koenig (Honorary); Bosco Clarke (Honorary)

council of priests

The council of priests forms part of the Priest Vicariate

President: The Bishop of Northampton
Vicar General: Rev Canon Michael Harrison (Vicar General)
Chair: Rev Canon Tony Brennan
Members: Revv John Danford; Andrew Behrens; Canon Kevin O’Driscoll; Canon Dr Brendan Killeen; Canon Francis Higgins; Rev Mgr Provost Seán Healy;Rev Mgr Kevin McGinnell; Canon Bennie Noonan;  Canon Seamus Keenan; Canon John Beirne; Pius Amoako; Benedetto D’Autilia; Joseph Udoh; Gerard Byrne.

council of deacons

The council of deacons forms part of the Priest Vicariate

Formation Team: Rev Canon Tony Brennan;  Helen Burgess
Deacons – South: Brin Dunsire; John Sillitoe; Middle: Klaus Reidel; Tony Falcon; North: Peter Griffin; Peter Remmington