consultative bodies

Supporting the Bishop and the work of the diocese

cathedral chapter

erected 24th June 1852

Provost: Rev Canon Seán Healy

Canons: Revv John Koenig (Canon Penitentiary); Bosco clarke; Kevin O’Driscoll (Canon Theologian); John Udris; Bennie Noonan (Secretary); Seamus Keenan; Mark Floody; Michael Harrison; Brendan Killeen; John Beirne

college of consultors

Rev Mgr Provost Seán Healy; Rev Mgr Kevin McGinnell; Rev Francis Higgins; Rev Canon Seamus Keenan; Rev Canon Dr Brendan Killeen; Rev Canon Kevin O’Driscoll

council of priests

President: The Bishop of Northampton
Vicar General: Rev Mgr Provost Seán Healy (Chapter of Canons)
Chair: Rev Tony Brennan
Members: Revv John Danford; Andrew Behrens; Canon Kevin O’Driscoll; Canon Dr Brendan Killeen; Mgr Kevin McGinnell; Canon Bennie Noonan; Francis Higgins; Canon Seamus Keenan; John Fleming; Michael Spain OCD; Canon Michael Harrison; Wayne Coughlin; Pius Amoako; Benedetto D’Autilia; Joseph Udoh

council of deacons

Formation Team: Rev Francis Higgins; Rev Dcn Mick O’Leary
Deacons – South: Brin Dunsire; John Sillitoe; Middle: Klaus Reidel; Tony Falcon; North: Peter Griffin; Peter Hurrell