Moses Beyond The Desert (ND) 2023


Moses: Beyond the Desert

A Residential Leadership Training Course

Date: Friday 31 March 6pm till Sunday 2 April 7pm, 2023.

Venue: Shallowford House, Shallowford, Stone ST15 0NZ

Cost: £230  This price applies to people not living within the Diocese of Northampton. Book your place with a deposit of £50, balance to be paid prior to attending the course.

A study of the life of Moses exploring some key spiritual principles of Christian leadership and the attitudes, skills and values we need as Christian leaders.

The course enables participants to learn specific spiritual and practical lessons by reflecting on the journey of Moses into leadership and what he learned in Egypt, Midian and the Desert.

It unveils his relationship with God and the interior and exterior challenges that Moses faced and overcame as a leader. and explores the qualities of his collaborators and the power of a leader’s intercessory prayer.

This course is especially beneficial to those in leadership positions as they learn, from the experience of Moses, that no leader ‘owns’ their position as it always belongs to God, as does the work to which they are called.

Cost (Includes Meals & Refreshments):

  • Deposit £50
  • Full Payment £230
  • Balance £180
Shallowford House, Shallowford, Stone ST15 0NZ

Parking available on site.