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The Bishop’s Mission Appeal is an annual appeal supporting the mission of our diocese to go and make diciples of all nations. 

What Is The Mission Appeal?

The Mission Appeal is an annual appeal aimed at raising funds to strengthen mission activity across our diocese as we aim to

“Go and make diciples”.

Who Benefits From the Appeal?

Ultimately, we hope everybody benefits. In the first instance the funds raised support four key priority areas of diocesan support for mission; Social Action, Youth Ministry, Catholic Education and Outreach and Evangelisation.

We hope that this funding will be utilised to strengthen the misison of our parishes and schools through the support our diocesan teams can offer.

I already Give to My parish, do I need to give again?

Firstly, thank you for giving to the mission of your local parish, this is essential and should be your primary giving focus.

Our diocese consists of 69 parishes and 72 Catholic schools. We are called to share the Gospel and often the best way we can do this is as one diocese. Together we can acheive more.

Through this appeal we are asking for your support to the teams which support every parish and Catholic school throughout our diocese. Every parish is different in size, capability and structure. Some parishes have large administrative teams others only have the priest. Some parishes have vast numbers of volunteers others just a few. Some parishes employ youth ministers, pastoral workers and other missionary support, most do not.

Our diocesan support is in place to support all parishes in the mission of our diocese and our Church:

“Go and make diciples of all nations”.

How Can I Give to The Mission Appeal?

You can give in one of three ways:

1. online here

2. By Phone – simply call 01604 723456 with your debit or credit card to hand

3. By placing cash or cheques into the envelope provided in your local parish church.


Can I make a regular donation to the mission appeal?

Yes you can. All donations are welcome and we know our Lord blesses our ministries through your generosity. If you would like to give on a monthly basis follow the instructions below.

When you click through from the donate button below, add the monthly amount you would like to give and tick the box underneath where it says “Tick this box if you would like to make this a monthly donation”.