Synod in our Diocese

Synod timescale

The first phase is the parish launch and information/training sessions.  Between now and February is the local phase.  From mid-February, there will be a pastoral area phase and finally a pre-Synodal Assembly in March.  We look forward to receiving submissions from all over the diocese.  After a discernment process, this will form a report to go with all the other dioceses to form the basis of a national submission.  Finally there will be a gathering in Rome in October 2023 to bring together Bishops and representatives from around the world.

The Synod in Northampton Diocese

Our diocesan process has a variety of different materials to be tailored to fit local circumstances, including

  • Gatherings specifically for the Synod
  • One meeting for an afternoon or morning over the weekend
  • Three weekly meetings
  • Three Sundays after Mass
  • Gatherings of already existing groups as part of their regular meeting or gathered specifically for this purpose
  • Individual conversations with either a very small group or one to one.

      We want to reach as many people on the margins as possible.  To do this, we will need local listeners who can create a safe space for good conversations, and submit notes afterwards. See our training and resources page for more information and downloadable resources.

      Contact us

      The diocesan leads for the Synod process are Fr Francis Higgins and Avril Baigent.  They are joined by Joan Barham, Sam Canning, Yoofi Clarke, Fr Andrew Coy, Fiona Inman, Rick Netherwood, Deacon Lanre Sanni and Fr John Udris to form the Diocesan Synod team.

      You can contact the team by email