Healing Garden

Providing caring relief for those who have suffered abuse
Healing and reconciliationThe Hope Centre

The Garden

As part of our diocesan desire to reach out to those who have been hurt by abuse in a sensitive and meaningful way, our diocesan safeguarding team, the Hope Centre and our healing and reconciliation group have designed and created a garden on the grounds of our Cathedral.

Healing Garden Open Day

You are invited to join Bishop David, The Hope Centre and our Diocesan Healing and Reconcilation Group on Sunday May 15th at 3.00pm in the garden at Northampton Cathedral. We hope this day will be inclusive to all and a gentle start to the life this garden is and will bring.


Mary’s Narrative

Read Mary’s Story here as told by her daughter Angela

“There was neither fun nor kindness ever shown to her”

our hopes

we hope the garden will provide:

  • Spiritual and emotional calming relief
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve an individuals sense of well-being and hopefulness