Leave A Legacy

Growing Your Faith In Future Generations

Your legacy

Our Lord gives us all we need and more, he never leaves us empty handed. Together, we make up the Body of Christ and our collective responsibilty to share the Gospel, permeates every part of our lives, including our finances.

Throughout your life, you have given to our Church in so many ways; through prayer, your time and your money, and your legacy is a generous way of continuing that giving for future generations. Our Lord is calling for powerful witnesses to show the world how much we all need His love and what  more powerful witness can there be than to share your treasures with his church.

We are extremely grateful for all you give and we endeavour to be good stewards of your generous gift.



Your Gift Changes Lives

Sharing your faith through financial giving, enables more people to know the faith that you have. There are so many missionary activities across our vibrant diocese which need financial support to grow and develop such as; youth ministry, social action, supporting the sick and housebound, our retired priests, Catholic schools, training of new priests, communicating our faith, safeguarding, evangelisation and so much more.
No matter the size of the gift you give, the love that you show in giving the gift will help us share the Gospel beyond our own human limitations. Even leaving a gift of 1% of your estate would make a huge difference to our Mission without impacting the security you offer to your loved ones.
Thank you.

Why Leave a Legacy?

  • Ensure your Catholic faith continues in future generations.  Our children and grandchildren deserve the opportunity to know the love and comfort you have recieved from His church. Your gift will enable more young people and families to recieve an invitation into the Body of Christ.
  • Small gifts change lives. We know from scripture that Jesus took a small amount of food and fed thousands of people. When we give to Him with a generous heart, there is no limit to what He can do.
  • Show the world what you believe in. Our Lord is calling for strong witnesses to the faith. Heroes of our faith come in different shapes and sizes and by leaving a financial gift in your will to God’s church, you are changing the lives of future generations. Today more than ever, the world needs to know who God is.
  • Tax efficient. No inheritance tax is paid on a legacy gift to the Church. Your executives do not have to take any gift to the church into account when calculating inheritance tax from your estate.

What now?

Thank you for taking the time to consider leaving a gift to your church in your will. If you are considering changing your will, we strongly advise you seek proffessional legal advice. Please give your legal advisor/solicitor our charity number 234091 which covers all of our Diocesan parishes and all of the work undertaken. If it is a specific parish or mission please include the full name and address of the parish or Diocese or the name of the specific fund ie Priest Training. If you or your legal representatives would like to discuss your legacy gift with us please contact:

Majella Meehan – Accounts Manager


01604 712065

Leigh-Ann Gamble – Accounts Assistant