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Supporting and enriching the liturgical life of the diocese
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Resourcing the liturgical life of the diocese

The Liturgy Commission forms part of the Servant King Vicariate and aims to resource the liturgical life of the diocese through offering training, relevant resources and updates in its different areas. It also works to support diocesan liturgies and the provision of the Rites of Christian Initiation. We respond to requests for support from parishes and schools for the Church’s liturgy, and as communities seek to refurbish, develop and enrich our buildings.


Taking Liturgy Seriously – SSG’s new study course, starting in September 2021 via Zoom
As part of our commitment to promote and support the liturgy of the Catholic Church, Society of Saint Gregory will be offering a new modular study course, aimed at developing liturgical understanding. 
The course, which will be run in partnership with the London Jesuit Centre, starts in September and will take place via Zoom. Held over 1 year, each module will comprise 3 sessions and provide a theological and historical overview, which will form the background for a deeper study of how we celebrate the liturgy today. Modules include The Paschal Mystery, Healing and Forgiveness, Initiation, Commitment and Ways of Prayer.
Within each theme we will look at how we apply general principles of liturgy, how music and space affect the way we celebrate, and above all how we are enabling people to pray together.  The course is aimed at all who wish to widen their understanding of the liturgy.
For further information, including details of the course leaders, and for booking, visit our website at or email
In Northampton diocese you can apply for help with funding the course. Contact

Funerals – Diocesan Guidance

The commission has prepared guidance for the celebration of Catholic Funerals, building on the previous text of some years ago.

There are four sections to the guidance:

  1. For clergy
  2. For funeral directors and their staff
  3. Understanding a Catholic funeral
  4. Preparing for my funeral

A downloadable copy of all sections is available by clicking here.


Who we are

Our Contact details

Bishop of Northampton – President of the Commission

Mgr Kevin McGinnell – Chair of Commission and Chair of Liturgical Formation section, Pastoral Rites section and Office for RCIA
01582 723312

Jane Porter – Acting Chair of Music Section

Rev John McArdle – Chair of Art and Architecture Section
01582 571187

Marie Heath – Spirituality Network Co-ordinator
01234 888858