Bishop David Oakley will preside at the opening service of LOUDFENCE, Beaconsfield.

LOUDFENCE represents the voices of those who wish to express support for those who have been subjected to injury by abuse and for those who are dealing with the consequences for themselves and others.

LOUDFENCE will be in Beaconsfield from Wednesday 17th May – Friday 19th May. The opening service will take place at St Teresa’s Catholic Church at 7.30pm.

Bishop David and Fr Sean Healy, Parish Priest of St Teresa’s, Beaconsfield wish to invite and encourage as many people as possible to attend to offer a visible display of support for all who have suffered at the hands of members of our Church.

Speaking at the National Day of Prayer for Victims and Survivors on 9th May, Bishop David said

Informed through listening to the experiences of victims and survivors, gently accompanying them on their journey towards healing, offering spiritual care and amplifying their voice, our Church recognises that when a part of the Body is wounded and hurting, especially when it is our own members who have inflicted these wounds, we are all affected and need healing. Placing victims and survivors at the centre is imperative to a humble, sensitive and intentional response.