Love Christmas Campaign 2021

The Caritas office of the diocese would like to invite all parishes to take part in the Love Christmas 2021 Campaign. This aims to provide some joy and happiness to those most in need this Christmas by reaching out and letting people know we are with them, and they are not alone.

Through Love Christmas, we invite you to join a vibrant movement of generosity across the UK which is together hoping to share a million Bags of Kindness with others. These bags could include a range of food, clothing, necessities, and gifts, with the goal of both helping each recipient materially and enabling them to feel the warmth of human connection and the joy of Christmas. 

Love Christmas is a national initiative, growing through a network of thousands of churches and other local organisations, connecting people of all faiths and none.

Three Simple Steps to Get Involved


Invite your parishioners to give items from a gift list, or provide their own filled bag(s) of kindness, or donate money towards the campaign.


Organise fun filled and Christmassy packing days where parishioners can come and help pack gift bags. Gifts can be packed at home, in schools, or in the church. Bags and tags can be provided if needed.


Deliver your gifts to anyone you know who is in need, and / or to the organisations the diocese is working with who support the needy in your local area. Fully details of what is needed and where will be provided.

Who will receive your bags of kindness?

We have, on behalf of the diocese, reached out to various organisation across each county within the diocese. They will be providing information as to who are most in genuine need locally. This could range from toddlers and pre-school children to older school children, low-income families and pensioners who are living in poverty. These people will all greatly benefit from a bag of kindness and a little extra comfort and joy this Christmas. 

Caritas Northampton will liaise with these organisations for each parish, and they will distribute our bags of joy to the individuals and families on your behalf.

Preparing your bags of joy – How and What

This can be approached in one or more ways:

  • Parishioners can donate toys and gifts for the bags which can then be made up centrally by a team of volunteers.
  • Parishioners could provide a prefilled bag(s) to the parish based on a list of those identified previously as in need. E.g., a female child aged 5, or an elderly man living alone, or even a bag of treats for a young family.
  • Donations could be sought and used to purchase items and the bags made up.
Full support will be available from the Caritas Northampton office

If you would like more information about this wonderful initiative, please contact us using the phone numbers or form below

Office: 01604 434362
Mobile: 07756 685220