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Planning to marry?

This is a very exciting time in your lives. We share in your joy and wish to support you now and in the future. 
SmartLoving Engaged is an innovative program to prepare you both for Marriage in the Catholic Church.  It is a rich audio-visual experience that takes you on a journey of discovery, guided by video input and supplemented by the lived experience of married couples. The content takes the timeless wisdom of theology and the most recent insights from psychology to give you both the tools you need to understand what marriage is and set you up for a loving and fulfilling relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Were already living together.  Is all this relevant to us?

The course is designed to allow you to explore your understanding of the various elements that make up your unique partnership and to celebrate your commitment to each other at this time.   It is structured to be just as useful to co-habiting couples as to those living separately because ALL relationships of whatever length are enhanced by being thoughtfully reflected upon.  Couples regularly comment that their course enabled them to discuss things never shared before and their relationship deepened as a result.  Desiring your future happiness and fulfilment, the Diocese of Northampton requires all couples to be prepared for the Sacrament of Marriage, whatever their living status.

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Marriage Preparation Course

SmartLoving Engaged Online is the online version of the face-to-face Catholic marriage preparation course running in some of our parishes. Consisting of 9 lessons, a couple progress through the course, each at their own pace, and will receive a feedback report and certificate of completion at the end.
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