National Rosary Rally

Pentecost Sunday, 31st May 2020 – 9.00am – 9.00pm

This year’s National Rosary Rally is taking place throughout dioceses in England, Wales and Scotland on Pentecost Sunday, 31st May between 9:00am and 9:00pm.

Pope Francis has encouraged us all to pray the rosary simply and by joining together virtually where possible. Especially at this time he invites us to pray for an end to the impact of Covid-19.

Parish groups are encouraged to join together ‘virtually’ with their priest and to join us online at our Cathedral in Northampton at our dedicated hour, 9:00am on Pentecost Sunday.

Join us at 9:00am on Sunday 31st May 2020 – Northampton, Arundel & Brighton, HM Forces

10:00am – Birmingham, Nottingham and Ukranian Eparchy

11:00am – Brentwood and Plymouth

12 noon – Cardiff, Portsmouth and Dunkeld

1:00pm – Clifton, Salford and St Andrews and Edinburgh

2:00pm – East Anglia, Shrewsbury and Aberdeen

3:00pm – Hallam, Southwark and Glasgow

4:00pm – Hexham and Newcastle, Wrexham and Ordinariate OLW

5:00pm – Lancaster, Westminster and Argyle and The Isles

6:00pm – Leeds, Polish Mission and Galloway

7:00pm – Liverpool, Middlesborough and Motherwell

8:00pm – Menevia, Paisley and Syro Malabar Eparchy

9:00pm – The Rosary will end with a Rosary being led by Bishop John Keenan, Paisley 


Prayer Intentions for the National Rosary Rally

Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations and be delivered from the global pandemic of cover-19

1. For faith, sanctity of life and and peace to prevail in our nations


2. For an end to the Covid-19 virus, the sickness it causes and its effects that prevent us living life in abundance

3. For the protection of the common good and people’s economic livelihoods


4. That the Holy Spirit will preserve us from disaster and war

“..I have been asking Our Lady and St Joseph to pray for me, and to intercede for us all in the Diocese of Northampton.

Let us keep each other in prayer over the next few weeks, and let us pray that as this new chapter in the Diocese of Northampton opens, that all of us together will be able to continue that great mission we have been entrusted with of building God’s kingdom in this part of his vineyard”

Bishop Elect David – January 8th 2020