The Catholic safeguarding standards agency visited our diocese on Tuesday 17th January to lead our clergy in some training following an invitation from our diocesan safeguarding team.

The CSSA was created following the publication of the Elliot report. They exist as a regulatory function for Catholic diocese across England and Wales. 

The Elliot report was commissioned in October 2019, by the bishops of England and Wales as an independent review of the Catholic Church’s Safeguarding Structures and Arrangements in England and Wales. The report was published in November 2020. 

The CSSA have introduced eight standards to regulate all dioceses responses to safeguarding. It is hoped that through the training and introduction of these standards a culture of safeguarding will grow deeper within all our practices as a diocese. 

The CSSA national training lead, Sebastian Carro said 

“Successful safeguarding is not reliant on one or two people. It depends on the 22 safeguarding coordinators in every dioceses, their teams, the parish safeguarding representatives, all clergy and all the people in our communities”

Twenty clergy attended the day hosted by our diocesan safeguarding team at the St Thomas Centre in Northampton. This was the third of four events for clergy which is mandatory for all priests and deacons to attend