National Schools Singing Programme

Hearing the future generations' voice

The National Schools Singing Programme

The Northampton Diocese is a part of The National Schools Singing Programme. The National Schools Singing Programme is for all Catholic Diocese in the UK to create or enhance their music programme for children educated in state schools. Parents and teachers alike have been delighted at the children’s increased confidence, engagement and academic attainment in the greatest economic deprivation areas. The choir has helped children’s literacy, numeracy, teamwork and a deeper lasting relationship with God. The programme allows for great inclusion for all, unlocking aspirations and broadening horizons across social, academic and cultural divides. These after-school choirs help further develop children’s lives in the church, contributing to liturgical music in their schools, parishes and cathedrals.

“The Children have thoroughly embraced The NSSP. We have been fortunate to run a rolling programme to enable all pupils from years 2-6 to experience the pure joy of singing. I have seen the impact of this first-hand throughout their engagement in singing in lessons and through collective worship.

Children look forward to their sessions and are disappointed when they finish. This has not only helped with confidence and self-esteem but also behaviour and pupil and teacher well-being. Staff have also enjoyed working as part of the group and participating in lessons with you because of your enthusiasm and knowledge of music especially singing.”

Carmel Dodds, Headteacher of The Good Sheperd Catholic Primary School (Northampton)


Northampton Diocese

The National Schools Singing Programme within our Diocese involves eight primary schools. They are St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School in Northampton, St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School, St Monica’s Catholic Primary School, St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School, Bishop Parker Catholic Primary School and St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School in Milton Keynes.

Currently, there are two children’s choirs within the Diocese (one in each town) that gather once a week. The Northampton choir rehearses at Thomas Becket Secondary School and the Milton Keynes choir rehearses at St Paul’s Secondary School.

The NSSP was first introduced into our schools in 2022 and Marcela Campana, our Choral Director, currently works in schools across Milton Keynes and Northampton. Singing is uniquely accessible to all kinds of people. It’s a form of music that offers a whole range of individual and social benefits to both those who are performing and those who are listening.

We as a Diocese believe it is vital to care for the younger generation and giving them a way to express not only their skills but also their emotions is the most beneficial approach for them. Offering them this opportunity allows them all to make new relationships with people and can help them to become more confident individuals.