Jesus said “I have come that you may have life and have it to the full”

Who Are We?

Between Saturday 15th and saturday 29th October 2022, a group of people from the Catholic Church will be around Houghton Regis. We are here to share the Good news of God’s love with you, to serve you and to pray for you. Maybe you got breakfast from us as you left for work on Monday 17th or Tuesday 18th: we hope you enjoyed it! 
There will people visiting houses and able to listen to you and spend time talking with you. Maybe you have some questions about God or maybe you have never thought about it. Maybe you are in need of peace, joy or healing in your life? Maybe you have some things you would like us to pray for on you behalf?   We are here to serve you in whatever way we can.



Drop in for as long or as little as you like. There will be quiet prayer, music, an opportunity to talk to people if you wish, a place to light a candle and write a prayer.

St Martin De Porres Catholic Church, 366 Leagrave High Street, Luton, LU4 0NG



Come for the whole evening. We all need healing. There will be an opportunity for quiet prayer, prayer for healing for those who want it, priests will be available to speak to and pray for you. 

St martin De Porres Catholic Church, 366 Leagrave High Street, Luton, LU40NG





Come together in a relaxed atmosphere to get to know God and each other better. A warm welcome, tea, coffee and pastries awaits you.

St Martin De Porres Catholic Church, 366 Leagrave High Street, Luton, LU40NG

Night of Light party for children

For children of primary school age
To all primary aged children, you are invited to a party, 4-6pm on Saturday 29th October. There will be party games, to celebrate light rather than darkness. Come dressed up in something bright or as a Saint. 
The Night of Light party is a Christian alternative to Halloween. Halloween has become a popular celebration in our society. Unfortunately, with its focus on things such as ghosts and darkness it can be very frightening for children. In fact Halloween comes from the words ‘All Hallows Eve’. This is the evening of the 31st October, and is the vigil of the feast of All Saints for Catholics. It celebrates all the people we believe are in heaven after they have died. So it a happy feast all about life and eternity and light, not about death and darkness. We are celebrating this a day early on Saturday 29th October. There will be games, activities, party food, and prayer.
Parents are invited to stay with their children (refreshments will be provided, younger/older siblings welcome!)