Aylesbury Listening Process 2024

Pastoral Development

Aylesbury Listening Process 2024

We are at an exciting time in the history of our diocese.  Following our Assembly, Bishop David is asking that we transform our communities and plan for the future by listening to each other and the Holy Spirit.  Like every diocese, we are having to face a rapidly changing world, which in Aylesbury includes large new housing estates, a new Catholic secondary school, and new Catholics coming into the area, as well as fewer clergy as we look ahead.  At the same time our Catholic structures date from the 1890s /1960s.

Bishop David reminds us that we can’t pour new wine into old wineskins.  What new wineskins (structures, pastoral provision, activities, buildings) does the Catholic community in Aylesbury PA need as it looks to the next 30 years, especially to

  • Deepen our faith
  • Reach out in mission
  • Exercise prudent stewardship
  • Develop more participatory structures

Listening Process

We started by gathering Assembly delegates, Pastoral Area Council members, school reps and other local voices on 27th January at St Claire’s, Aylesbury.  A small working party has been formed from this group.  We will then take this conversation across the pastoral area to engage as many people in praying, dreaming and planning for the future, culminating in a formal proposal to Bishop David later in the year.

Feb – April

  • Round 1: Local listening phase.  Listening groups in parishes, schools, community groups and across as many different people as possible.  Please use the listening materials here to get involved.
  • If you have any comments or questions on our process please do get in touch at synod@northamptondiocese.org

Late April/early May

  • Round 2: Discerning
    Working party gather responses and produces initial report – what are the key themes and priorities?
  • Open meeting with + David evening of the 16th of May

May – September

  • Round 3: moving to action
    Working parties established, bringing together local experts with diocesan staff to support.
  • Produce plan with options


Open meeting to discuss plan


Present final plan to +David


This is the information leaflet and listening session for our Aylesbury listening process.  Please feel free to download and use them.

Aylesbury Listening Leaflet

Aylesbury Listening Session