Pact, the national Catholic prisons charity, is very busy in the Northampton diocese where we work in six of the prisons as well as in the community. A local member of Pact staff reported this week that she had supported a dad in prison to engage with his children’s social worker. ‘This meant he was able to attend a family visit and see his children for the first time in just over a year. This was the first time that he had met his youngest daughter. The visit was extremely emotional for the whole family, and for me really highlights the importance of the work we do at Pact.’

A message from Cardinal Vincent Nichols: ‘As President of Pact, I invite you to join with me in supporting Prisoners’ Sunday on 9th October 2022. Pact is the major Catholic charity for the support of prisoners and their families, working in prisons across England and Wales. It is good to know that Pact is there for people of all faiths and none, supporting prisoners and their families on our behalf and with our help.’

Pact Prisoners’ Sunday information and resources: Marking Prisoners’ Sunday | Prison Advice and Care Trust  We have posted out a Pact Prisoners’ Sunday pack to every parish in England & Wales.

Pact’s CEO, Andy Keen-Downs explains, ‘Our work in prisons and communities across England & Wales ensures that prisoners, children and families are supported; and their dignity is respected and upheld.  Where appropriate we help families to make a fresh start together and live lives which bear good fruit. By supporting prisoners to be restored to the community, our work makes communities safer – research shows that prisoners who have good family relationships are 39% less likely to return to crime.’

On behalf of HMPPS, Pact operates the national Prisoners’ Families Helpline. Our dedicated team of caring staff and volunteers provide vital signposting, information and guidance seven days a week, helping with a wide range of concerns. We dealt with more than 36,000 calls in the last 12 months.

Our Faith in Action team supports Catholic people and parishes to encounter the voices of people in our communities with lived experience of the criminal justice system, to reflect on Catholic Social Teaching, and to put faith into action. We offer our JustPeople workshops, Diocesan events, and a supported network of Pact Parish Representatives.

Get in touch if you would like someone to speak briefly about Pact’s work at Mass on Prisoners’ Sunday where you are:

We humbly request that you consider taking up a second collection to support the work of Pact in the year ahead. Your support means we can do more for prisoners and their families.