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Our Property department forms part of the Servant King Vicariate. Our properties include churches, presbyteries, social clubs and schools. We are determined that all our temporal goods are used to proclaim the Gospel and build the Kingdom of God. This includes, the use of the building , the safety of all those who enter our buildings and ensuring that the buildings are responsibly and ethically maintained.

Our department works with parishes on a daily basis to advice on many aspects of property management. This primarily includes:

Small and Large Works

We are on hand to provide advice for small works and to help the parish ensure works are completed safely and satisfactoraly. Where the project is more complex the Diocesan Surveyor will become involved.

Contractor Management

We provide advice and guidance to ensure that parishes use suitable contractors who are also adequately insured. The Property Administrator can help in seeking an appropriate contractor when needed.

Letting of Diocese Property

This is a complex legal area and no agreement should be entered into without the guidance and support of the property department. The property team will conduct a feasibility study and then instruct external agents to manage this.

Property Acquisitions and Disposals

All acquisitions and disposals will be dealt with via the property department.

Compliance and Health and Safety

We work in conjunction with Mentor Services to assist parishes to be compliant with all relevant and current legislation. We do this by providing information to parishes to guide them in this area and arranging statuory works where required, and being on hand to offer advice when needed.

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Key to fulfilling our objectives effectively is the role played by the Diocesan Property Team which consists of: –


Michelle Tysoe – Diocesan Property Manager

Anthony Dumont – Diocesan Property Administrator

David Wilson – Diocesan Surveyor

07864 584288
Mentor Services – (Health and Safety)
0800 634700