Work began on a brand-new initiative in our diocesan plan to reach out to victims and survivors of abuse. Reaching out to a group which has historically been ignored or pushed aside has been a key priority for our diocese, led by our safeguarding team.

A new healing garden based at the St Thomas Centre at our Cathedral has been designed to enable those who have suffered at the hands of our church, experience some healing through a therapeutic garden of healing which could provide restorative and spiritually and emotionally calming relief, reduce stress and anxiety and improve a person’s sense of well-being and hopefulness, with victims and survivors being part of the group that would benefit from the garden.

The diocese was successful in its application to the Finnis Scott Foundation, which awarded the sum of £10,000 for landscaping and Bishop David is delighted that the funds will be used to support our ministry to the abused.

The design and creation of the garden is a partnership between our diocesan safeguarding office and the Hope Centre, Northampton.

We hope to open the garden in mid-May as part of the National Day of Prayer in the Catholic Church.