The relics of St Bernadette will be visiting each diocese in England and Wales. For our diocese they will arrive on Monday 10th October and depart on Thursday 13th October and will be availble for pilgrims to visit and venerate in our Cathedral during this time. A pilgrimage program will be available closer to the time.

Why Are The Relics Visiting?

Each of us is on a pilgrmage journey, that is a journey with God towards our heavenly home. Just as with every journey there are up’s and down’s, joy’s and struggles. On every journey it is important to rest and refresh ourselves and our spiritual journey is no different.

Every so often, God offers an oportunity to rest and refresh taking advice from others as to what they have learnt and how we can progress on our own journey. For us the Saints offer us this support. Read more about the life of St Bernadette

What Are Relics?

Many people will have a keepsake of a loved one who has died. Something which helps us remain close to the person even though they are no longer physically with us. The church retains the bodies and belongings of Saints and holy people as ‘relics’.

Looking back to the earliest times, the bodies of holy people have been kept and venerated and this trsadition remains today. We are kept spiritually close to our holy companions through their relics.