safeguarding structure

The following structures are in place to support the diocese

The National Catholic Safeguarding Commission (NCSC)  –

The National Catholic Safeguarding Commission was formed in July 2008 following the acceptance, by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW) and the Conference of Religious of England and Wales (CoR), of the recommendations in the Cumberlege Commission Report “Safeguarding with Confidence” (July 2007). The NCSC has responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the Churches safeguarding policy and monitoring compliance. Its place in the organisation of the Church, mandated by the Conference of Bishops and Conference of Religious, and with accountability across Dioceses and Religious Congregations is to ensure that standards are met and policies are implemented. The Commission has fifteen members. In implementing the recommendations of “Safeguarding with Confidence” there is a lay chair and two vice chairs; a bishop appointed and a Religious. The remaining members come from a variety of backgrounds both in and outside the Church. They bring together a wide range of knowledge, skill and expertise in safeguarding matters, and in state and canon law. The NCSC sets and directs the work of the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS).

Survivor Advisory Panel for the NCSC –

The role of the Survivor Advisory Panel (SAP) is to ensure that the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission (NCSC) receives appropriate and timely information and advice from a survivor perspective. This informs the work of the Commission regarding safeguarding policies, procedures and practices within the Catholic Church of England and Wales.

The SAP provides the NCSC with:

  • Advice and recommendations on matters relevant to victims/survivors
  • Knowledge and insight into experience of abuse
  • A positive contribution to improve responses regarding victim disclosures and church support
  • Expertise to inform and influence work by highlighting previously unidentified areas/topics for attention
  • Input on NCSC media and communications strategy

The Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS) –

CSAS has been established to be responsible for driving and supporting improvements in practice. Its primary role is one of co-ordination, advice and support in respect of the wider job of safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults. CSAS is responsible for producing the policies, procedures, and guidance to ensure the one church approach. A Registered Body of the Disclosure & Barring Service on behalf of the Catholic Church of England & Wales.

Download the NCSC and CSAS brochure – ‘A Guide for Professionals – Safeguarding structures within the Catholic Church in England and Wales.’

Northampton Diocese Safeguarding Commission

Within each Diocese, there is a Safeguarding Commission with an Independent lay chair who has extensive safeguarding experience in working with children and/or adults. Exact numbers and experience on the Commission is determined locally but there are sufficient members to ensure appropriate expertise is available. The Safeguarding Commission is accountable to the Bishop and Trustees of the Diocese. In respect of Religious Orders aligned to a particular Safeguarding Commission, that Commission is accountable to the Congregational Leader and Trustees of the Order in respect of matters related to that Order. The Commission has regulatory, advisory and supportive functions. It exists to discharge these functions at a strategic level in all matters relating to safeguarding in Dioceses/Religious Congregations and Seminaries. As a Commission, and through its sub groups, it will:

  • Secure a strategy for the promotion of good and safe child-care environments in all parishes in line with agreed national policies and procedures
  • Agree clear and unambiguous arrangements for liaison, consultation and working together regarding allegations against members of the Church
  • Ensure that the Bishop/Congregation Leader receives full information relevant to safeguarding incidents together with recommendations
  • Receive all information relating to safeguarding matters from their Diocese/Religious Congregation
  • Ensure effective liaison with all relevant Statutory Agencies
  • Contribute to the development and review of national policies, principles and practice
  • Advise the Bishop/Congregation Leader on welfare matters in respect of parishes, and individuals and families within parishes, who have been victims of abuse
  • Ensure arrangements are in place for the pastoral care of individuals and communities affected by child abuse
  • Support and advise on matters relating to long term arrangements for members of the Church who are known abusers of children, including the commissioning of risk assessments
  • Ensure that there is a strategy to raise awareness of and promote training in safeguarding matters
  • Monitor implementation of all safeguarding strategies and work plans and report regularly to the Trustees
  • Produce an Annual Report to contribute to the CSAS public Annual Report for presentation to Bishops’ Conference and Conference of Religious of England and Wales
  • Establish a small panel of individuals to whom confidential reference may be made when there are disclosures from the DBS in order that an informed decision may be made to the Bishop/Religious Leader
  • Ensure the availability of training and appropriate supervision for the Safeguarding Coordinator

Recruitment of Safeguarding Commission Members

If you have experience or expertise of working in a safeguarding capacity relating to children and/or adults, then you would be an ideal candidate to join our Commission as a member. As a member, your role will include attendance at Commission meetings which take place approximately four times each year. Here is a statement from one of our current Commission members on what the role means to him.

“Being part of the diocesan safeguarding commission offers me the opportunity to shape the way we as a church respond to the needs of young people and vulnerable adults. Supporting strategies that affect people during some of the most challenging times of life. Realising the positive effects our decisions have on the lives of individuals; protecting, caring and promoting safer environments for all”.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Commission member, please contact Danielle Dixon, the Diocesan Safeguarding Coordinator.

Commission Members

Hugh Williams – Commission Chair

Hugh’s professional career is in education. He taught from 1976 to 2004 in local Catholic schools and since 2007 he has been a visiting tutor at the University of Northampton. He has extensive experience of school governance in a range of schools including Catholic and special schools. His experience includes both chairing and safeguarding responsibilities. He is a member of the county independent school admission appeals panel. From 2007 to 2011, Hugh was employed at the local County Criminal Court where he gained knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system. He has been a Commission member since 2011 and from December 2016 has server as Chair of the Commission.

Tina Welford – Commission Vice Chair

Tina has been the Vice chair of the Northampton Diocese Safeguarding Commission for the past three years, she also is the chairperson of the Northampton Diocese Healing and Reconciliation Reference Group. Tina has significant experience of working in both the private and public sector in a variety of roles including operational and latterly strategic director level posts which had both an adult, children and young person safeguarding focus.   She has experience providing a range of safeguarding training and also provides regulatory compliance work  including in the field of safeguarding. Tina also provides independent investigatory services into safeguarding, complaints, whistleblowing and harassment and grievance cases. This work spans national and local delivery and includes working in politically sensitive, complex settings. 

Kathy Franklin – Commission Vice Chair

Appointed to the Neurology team at Northampton General Hospital Trust in 2004, Kathy is a part time nurse specialist for people with multiple sclerosis. Previously, she was employed as a Health visitor/ Practice educator in Primary care. In Kathy’s current role, she provides nurse led clinics at Northampton General Hospital out patient department and supports colleagues who provide clinics in Daventry and Brackley. Kathy has been a Parish safeguarding rep for many years. She feels very fortunate to have been involved with the MS Society for many years as a volunteer and also with the HC Pilgrimage Trust over the last four years to assist with the care of VIPs with complex needs whilst in Lourdes. 

Neil Roseman – Commission Member

Neil is the Director of Diocesan Youth Ministry in Northampton Diocese and his responsibilities include the vision, strategy and development of the NYMO office as well as managing the team. He also represents youth ministry at diocesan meetings and nationally. Neil heads up lux.weekends, which happen twice a year and attract almost 100 young people. 

Neil fully appreciates the vital importance of Safeguarding through his close working with youth leaders and young people.

Glen Bowen – Commission member

Glen is a retired head nurse after spending 40 years in health care. During his working life he was involved in Safeguarding cases, complaints, mentoring and coaching. Glen was also the lead nurse for mental health and older peoples health care. Glen served as school governor and at present is a member of the hospital chaplaincy team. Glen is the chair of the Cathedral Parish Council, a member of the finance committee and pastoral area group. Glen is a representative for Church’s together in Northampton.        

Paul James – Commission Member

In 2007 Paul was appointed to the role of Safeguarding Children in Education Officer for Luton Borough Council having previously worked as an Education Welfare Officer for the borough. In this role Paul was responsibility for developing safeguarding and child protection procedures and practices across the town and also delivering training to schools. In 2009 Paul was appointed to the role of Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) for Luton. This role involves managing allegations or concerns about adults who work or volunteer with children. In 2016 Paul became a member of the National LADO network which aims to develop allegations management procedures across the UK. 

Catherine Stormonth – Commission Member

Cathy has been a Lead Ofsted inspector for the last 16 years and has inspected safeguarding in a variety of schools, children’s centres and pre-school settings. She also worked until she recently retired as a senior operational manager for Buckinghamshire Children’s Services leading safeguarding training for senior school staff and carrying out school safeguarding reviews as one of her roles. Cathy currently acts as a safeguarding consultant to schools. She is chair of governors to two Catholic federated primary schools in Bletchley and is also the safeguarding governor.

 John Peachey – Designated Trustee 

John is a Trustee of the Diocese of Northampton and chairs the Health and Safety committee. He is a parishioner of Daventry parish of 30 years standing and gets actively involved in Parish life. Outside of Church activities, John’s working  background was change management, negotiation and marketing has led him into volunteer roles locally and at Head Office for Parkinsons UK, where he is involved in the 121 Peer support programme among other jobs. He is also an Independent Person for Daventry District Council.

Marie Gresswell – Commission Member

Marie is a Detective Chief Inspector for Bedfordshire Police and has over 15 years of policing experience. In March 2019, she became a Detective Chief Inspector with the Child and Vulnerable Adult Abuse (CAVAA) Unit and is responsible for a team of over 45 officers and staff, with the main aim of protecting vulnerable people whilst working alongside partners and multi-agencies to prevent and reduce child and vulnerable adult abuse and neglect. Previous to this, Marie had been a career detective working on homicide and serious crime investigations and has been the senior investigating officer for a number of high profile cases. Marie has recently completed a part-time at Cambridge University on Criminology and Applied Police Management where her thesis centered around body-worn-video and low prevalence has shown how body worn video can be used in the safeguarding arena to show signs of neglect which is now being explored within Bedfordshire police force.

Mark Allenby – Commission Member 

Mark qualified as a social worker in 1988. He then worked in Birmingham, Coventry, and Northamptonshire in a range of roles, including Education Social Work, Child Care Social Work, Diversion Unit Officer, and Primary Mental Health Worker. Since 2008, Mark has been a lecturer in social work at the University of Northampton. He is interested in teaching and learning and in strengths and solution-based approaches to promoting well-being and social justice.

Jackie Shakesphere – Commission Member 

Jackie’s career is primarily Youth Service, Education Welfare, Children’s Social Care and now Adult Social Care.  She has worked in a number of Local Authority’s gaining knowledge and understanding of harm on individuals and the long term impact. Jackie is a qualified Social Worker and has held several management positions. Having worked in children’s social care, she then moved into working with adults and was the manager of a LA Adult Safeguarding Team for four and a half years. She has since managed a Complex Care Team and is the manager of a Children and Young Adults Disability 0-25 Service. For over twenty years she has also delivered Child Protection Training to schools, Social work teams, Local Authorities and charitable organisations. 

Sister Anne Morris – Religious Representative 

Sr. Anne Morris is the Provincial of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in England, Ireland and Wales. She was a social worker for nearly 30 years, involved in child protection, adoption and fostering. Most recently she was Deputy Director of St. Beuno’s, a Jesuit retreat centre and as a co-worker with the Jesuits, involved in their safeguarding work.

Deacon Peter Collins – Clergy Representative

Deacon Peter is a permanent deacon based in Great Missenden. He has been involved for many years in the leadership of the Lighthouse children’s Christian summer holiday week, which has required significant training in the safeguarding of young people and its application in an ecumenical and public context. His faith journey has given him a passion for protecting the most vulnerable in society and ministering to those who have been hurt and abused.


Future Safeguarding commission Meetings

17th June 2021

14th September 2021 

9th December 2021

Safeguarding commission reference group

The current reference group is the Northampton Healing and Reconciliation Reference Group, the chair of the group is Tina and other members include Kathy, Glen, Deacon Peter, Danielle Dixon (Safeguarding Co-ordinator) and two survivors. For further information please refer to the Resources for Victims and Survivors page.

Minutes & Agendas from previous meetings

December 2019 – Agenda – Minutes

March 2020 – Agenda Minutes

July 2020 – Agenda  Minutes

September 2020 – Agenda – Minutes

December 2020 – AgendaMinutes

March 2021 – Agenda