Spirituality Network

Supporting and enriching spritural growth throughout the diocese

The Diocese Spirituality Network supports the spiritual growth of all within our Diocese


What is Spiritual Direction

  • Accompanying another person to enable them to see clearer how God is working in their life.
  • Supporting them in their personal growth with God as they live out this deepening relationship with Him.
Who is it for?

Any adult truly seeking to deepen their relationship with God, such as: 

  • Those newly received or returning to the Church
  • Those already active or in Ministry
  • Those with young families and those retired from work
  • All who seek to enrich their spiritual life.
How and when do you meet a Spiritual Director?

Following an initial meeting, usually for an hour about every six weeks at the Director’s home or a Parish Office.

Do you have to be a Roman Catholic?

No, but all those offering to give Spiritual Direction on the Diocesan register are Roman Catholics.

Do all Spiritual Director receive formal training for this ministry?

Yes, usually through an approved or accredited course of between one and three years part time, or a three month residential full time course.

Is there any cost?

In most cases a donation per session, depending on an individuals personal financial circumstances, helps towards the Director’s expenses and ongoing training. No donation is expected for the initial exploratory meeting.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely. (Unless there are issues of current or potential harm to children, young people or vulnerable adults)

The Diocesan Spiritual Direction Service exists to put those who seek direction/accompaniment in touch with those who offer this ministry. A conversation takes place by phone to help find the best match, trying to take account of such preferences such as the distance one can easily travel.

The Diocese then contacts a suitable and available Director. The person seeking direction is then given contact details of the proposed Director to arrange an initial meeting and discussion.

For help finding a Spiritual Director, or to discuss training, call Canon John Udris on 01628 483696. 

Resources to download

Click here to download Let us Dream – Pope Francis and Austin Ivereigh.
Guided reflections for groups or individuals

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