Bishop David has sent the following message of support for the SPUC National Conference being held this weekend 22-24th September 2023.

I am delighted to welcome the National Conference of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children to Milton Keynes in the Diocese of Northampton. Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, I am unable to be with you in person but I wish to send my best wishes and assurances of my prayers over this time.

Our challenge as disciples of Christ is to reach out compassionately, to those who are suffering, including those mothers and parents who are considering the desperate decision to abort, while upholding the precious nature of all life from the moment of conception. It is a tragedy that so much human life is lost to abortion and I thank SPUC for the work you do to defend the right to life for all God’s children. We have all had times in our life when we have felt vulnerable and relied on others to support us and I am grateful for organisations such as yours who are willing to do this for the unborn.

Please continue the work you do and pray with conviction and courage that Our Lord will give strength to those who are faced with the challenge of preserving life so that abortion may be ‘unthinkable’.

Yours devotedly in Christ,

Bishop David Oakley