Inspired by the story of St Claudine, all Thornton students engaged in a full day of Service supporting many local organisations, raising thousands of pounds, and helping hundreds of people in our community.

In the early 19th century a young French woman who lost her family in the bloodshed and upheaval of the French Revolution, turned her attention away from her own grief toward the needs of orphaned girls on the streets of Lyon. She rescued, fed, clothed and educated those that she found so that they could live in safety within a family environment. Members of the group of Religious Sisters that St Claudine started came to England 100 years later and founded Thornton College.

Our Year 13 students collected toiletries and managed to create and deliver 42 hampers to MK Act, a local refuge for women affected by domestic abuse.  Years 10 and 11 students took part in a 10-mile sponsored walk and raised over £1,000 for MK Night Shelter. Year 8 and 9 students made 100 felt donkeys to send to The Donkey Sanctuary for them to sell in their shop and raise money.  Year 9 students also took part in litter picking, cleaning duties, designed and made service windows, wrote contact letters to elderly members in our community and washed staff cars for donations!  Year 7 students recycled crisp packets to make blankets to donate to the local homeless shelter.  Year 5 and 6 students worked throughout the day on projects to benefit our environment including hedgehog tunnels, recycled fashion and reducing food waste posters.  Years 3 and 4 made tray mats and light catchers for residents at Willen Hospice, our chosen partner charity this year. Years 1 and 2 concentrated on the theme of peace and made thumb dove art pieces for wall displays.

Shauna Murphy, Head of RE and Chaplaincy said:

“Seeing the students fully embrace the ethos of the school, while serving others was an inspiration.  It was a unique day to be able to see both students and staff working alongside one another with a common goal in mind, one which embodies the ethos of Thornton College.  It is a way in which our young people can fully embrace the relevance that St Claudine still has for our community today, and a reminder of how her story and actions continue to influence us”.

The whole day was a fantastic experience for all students and as a school community we are proud to dedicate a day to making a real, tangible, positive impact in our local environment and community in memory of St Claudine.