On Wednesday the 6th of December 2023, The choir performed at St. Paul’s Advent Service to show how much they have improved this year.

The Diocesan Choir gathered at St Paul’s school in Milton Keynes where they sang a series of songs that they had been rehearsing. The choir sang Noel Noel, by Jan Holdstock: I Saw Three Ships, a traditional Christmas Carol; and Christmas at the Beach on Waikiki, by Marta Lynn Keen.

“The children sang beautifully and everyone was very pleased! Well done!” – Marcela Campana, Choral Director

Throughout the performance, the choir showed their ability and were constantly impressing everyone. Despite the pressure of having a crowd in front of them, the choir was calm and did not let such pressure distract them from showing how talented they are. Now the choir is preparing for Thursday the 14th of December, where they will have an Informal Christmas Performance for friends and family at 4.30 pm at St. Paul’s School.

For more information on the choir, please visit the Diocesan Webpage.