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Employment History


It is our policy to request references from your previous two employers to confirm your employment history. If you would like to specify the name and contact details of a relevant manager from a previous employer, you can do so below. If you do not have a previous employer or only have one previous employer, please provide contact details of alternative referees which may include education establishments or a parish priest. You can also provide referee details for an organisation or person where you have gained voluntary experience which is relevant for the role. Should the role require that you are a practicing Catholic, please ensure you provide details of your parish priest. We will not contact any employer for a reference before interview unless you consent below

Additional Information

If you have any disabilities, please tell us if:
a) There are any reasonable adjustments we can make to assist you in your application
b) There are any reasonable adjustments we can make to the job itself to help you carry it out
c) You require assistance to attend an interview


In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, by submitting this application form I consent to the Diocese holding the information I provide to them both manually and in electronic form, for the purpose of this or any subsequent application of employment.

I understand that any offer of employment made by the Diocese would be subject to the receipt of references to the satisfaction of the Diocese and being medically fit to carry out the role which is offered.

I declare that all the information I provide in application for a role is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any false entry or omission of facts may be sufficient cause for withdrawal of an offer, or if employed, render the contract of employment void.