Support for those in need in syria


Twinning our diocese with the Archdiocese of Damascus

12 Years of war
and conflict

12 million Syrians go hungry each day

5.8 million children need humanitarian aid

Children in refugee camp
The Church in Damascus

Together we can make a Difference

There are more than twelve million refugees in Syria due to the war. They have been forced to leave their homes, districts, cities and villages. These poor people have lost everything. They have no place to call home and they lack the basic necessities of life. Some try to escape this life of misery looking for a better place and are often tuned back in their search. Families find themselves in a distressing and depressing situation simply trying to survive.

Pope Francis has renewed his heartfelt appeal for decisive and renewed commitment in the international community to address one of the most serious humanitarian disasters of our times, with an unknown number of dead and wounded, millions of refugees, thousands missing, destruction and violence of every type and enormous suffering of the entire population, in particular the most vulnerable, including children, women and the elderly. These is a great deal of poverty and suffering that has no foreseeable end. But we can help.

SupporTing the Syrian Archdiocese of Damascus 

As a diocese we are working directly with the Maronite Archbishop of Damascus – Mgr. Samir Nassar to help and support the parishioners of his Archdiocese on an ongoing basis. As with so much of Syria, his diocese has suffered terribly from this devastating war with destruction similar to the scale we are witnessing on our screens in Ukraine; but in Syria, this war has been going on for 12 years now.

The significant victims in the diocese of this war are families, young people, and of course the Church. We are therefore ‘Twinning’ the Northampton Diocese with the Archdiocese of Damascus so that there is ongoing awareness, contact and financial support between our dioceses. We plan to build long term relationships with schools and parishes in Damascus and assure them of our love, prayers and support.

Maronite Archbishop Samir Nassar (© Aid to the Church in Need)

Maronite Archbishop Samir Nassar (© Aid to the Church in Need)

Our goal is to support 600 Syrian families in Damascus with regular financial aid of £17.00 (approx. $20) per family per month. This will provide a small amount of regular income to these families which will go some way to alleviating the challenges of life that they are facing.


If just 6 families, or individuals in each of our parishes and schools are able to get involved then we ‘can’ achieve this and together we can make a difference. Would you please consider supporting a family in Syria with a regular monthly, or one off donation.   

Above all, the people of Syria need our prayers. Such an old Apostolic Church rooted in tradition and customs, truly needs our love and support.   

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