How you can get involved in this valuable ministry

Safeguarding Representative

Northampton Diocese would like to increase their number of Safeguarding Representatives. Therefore, would you like responsibility for promoting good and safe practices in all activities involving children, young people and vulnerable adults within your parish or congregation?

Safeguarding Representative will gain a knowledge of the safeguarding policies and procedures and know who to contact in specific circumstances. They will have the opportunity to attend various safeguarding training sessions.  This volunteer is the link between the parish and the diocese and as such is in regular contact with the Co-ordinator and safrguarding support officer.

This volunteer will oversee the safer recruitment process, which means they will have a responsibility for facilitating the DBS disclosure procedure at local level and ensuring that everyone who is required to go through the process does so.

Here is a statement from one of our Safeguarding Representatives on what the role means to them:

Since taking up the post in February 2017, there has been a huge wave of new applications and renewals. It has been an immensely valuable process for the Parish as a number of volunteers have been allocated various ministries and this has strengthened our core team. It has also given the Parish a renewed sense of spirit with more volunteers on board. In addition, we have also seen a number of new parishioners joining many of which have been keen to help with the Children’s Ministry in particular.

The importance of Safeguarding is now recognised more than ever. This has been supported by a web page dedicated to Safeguarding and the promotion of the online training with Educare. Ministry leaders have been excellent in keeping the Safeguarding Officer of all key events involving children. The beauty of all of this is that new volunteers are using their skill set where we need them the most.

If this sounds interesting and something you could like to undertake, please contact your parish priest or Lorraine Elks on 01604 723516 / 07859 499294 or For further information, please read the Safeguarding Representative role description.

Please click here for current Safeguarding representative’s vacancies

Safeguarding Commission Member

If you have experience or expertise of working in a safeguarding capacity relating to children and/or adults, then you would be an ideal candidate to join our Commission as a member. The local Commission are looking for new members to join and be part of the safeguarding structure of the Catholic Church in this very important work. As a member, your role will include attendance at Commission meetings which take place approximately four times each year.

Here is a statement from one of our current Commission members on what the role means to him:

Being part of the diocesan safeguarding commission offers me the opportunity to shape the way we as a church respond to the needs of young people and vulnerable adults. Supporting strategies that affect people during some of the most challenging times of life. Realising the positive effects our decisions have on the lives of individuals; protecting, caring and promoting safer environments for all.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Commission member, please contact Danielle Dixon on 01604 72351407833 050628 or For further information, please read the Induction information for commission members.