How you can get involved in this valuable ministry


We are keen to increase the number of volunteers involved in this key safeguarding role. The role entails the promotion of good and safe practices in all activities involving vulnerable people within your parish, supported by the Church’s national policies. You will help to facilitate the safer recruitment of those working with vulnerable people, including the completion of the DBS disclosure process as well as acting as a point of contact for concerns to be shared and a link between the Diocese and the parish. Information relating to the role requirements for a PSR role description



“I have enjoyed getting to know others in their Catholic community”

“I feel blessed to have the position and feel they get a lot out of the role!”

“There is always opportunity to learn with the  support from the diocesan safeguarding team”

 If this sounds interesting and something you would like to undertake, please contact your parish priest/priest in charge or email


The Safeguarding Advisory Board (SAB) provides independent and professional advice and expertise to the Diocesan safeguarding department and the Safeguarding Subcommittee. If you have current professional safeguarding knowledge and expertise to enable the board to fulfil its purpose, then you would be an ideal candidate. We are particularly keen to recruit a new member with experience working within the criminal justice system.


“I am able to offer the victim’s voice…I feel my opinion and support  has been valued and trusted”

“I know I am supporting a necessary service, offering guidance and advice to the safeguarding office, Bishop and his Diocesan Trustees. It is an opportunity to make use of my experience in seeking justice for survivors and victims of abuse”.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member, please contact Danielle DixonFor further information, please refer to the Safeguarding Structure page, terms of reference are available.


The Healing and Reconciliation group is a sub-group of the SAB, formed in 2019 as part of the Diocese’s aspiration to improve the way that we respond to and engage with those who have been hurt by abuse. The essence of the group has included a desire to raise greater awareness of abuse, increase understanding of its impact upon those affected and to work towards creating a safer and more compassionate environment for anyone seeking comfort and healing. For further information please refer to the Resources for Victims and Survivors page. 

The group is particularly keen to welcome members with lived experience of abuse. If you think that you might want to consider helping us in our work, whether as a group member or less formally as an advisor, then please contact Danielle Dixon . Terms of reference are available. The following leaflet provides an overview about the group. 

Healing and Reconciliation Group leaflet