The Catholic Bishop’s of England and Wales have issued a pastoral reflection on gender, titled ‘Intricately Woven by the Lord’.

The issuing of the document follows the release of the Vatican document, ‘Dignitas Infinita’ and the Cass report, an independent review of gender services for children and young people.

The document, two years in the making, is written in three parts:

  1. the human person, intricately woven in secret, by a loving God
  2. rooted in an authentic understanding of Catholic understanding of the human person
  3. towards a genuine pastoral accompaniment

The Bishop’s explain the hope of this document saying,

“We offer this reflection as pastors, seeking to accompany you all, and seeking together to allow the wonder of our creation by God to guide us more deeply in accepting the truth of our creation”.

Bishop David Oakley hopes the document will support local parishes to authentically walk alongside people as pilgrims on a journey.

“Accompaniment is crucial to the journey of faith, and we wish to emphasise that everyone is welcome in the Church. It is vital that as followers of Christ we imitate the boundless mercy and compassion of God as we deal with the complexity of another’s life.

“But this needs to be done with a clear understanding of the Catholic vision and understanding of the human person and a holistic view of human sexuality.”

Download the full pastoral reflection here

Download a summary of pastoral reflection here